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Voice Actor and Improviser
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 My Work

I play the excitable Woodchuck (as well as the tagline) in this Georgia 811 PSA!

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, I play Lt. Mag in this fan-made Warhammer audio drama.

There are more projects I'm in coming out soon! I have also voiced a variety of internal corporate videos, political ads, and company phone trees. I also have experience with producing and performing on podcasts, and streaming tabletop rpg's! 



Get to know me

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If you have happened u-pun this page, here’s what you need to know. It all started with a pun… well, many puns. Some might argue too many puns, but those people aren’t real friends are they? Turns out puns will only get you so far, (about as far as it takes to avoid the tomatoes being thrown at the stage), but for a young guy just cutting his teeth in improv comedy it felt like a clever turn of phrase was really all you needed to make a scene.

The years wore on and Josh performed in a variety of different places, teams, and levels of

experience. He’s on Big Kids, a house team at the Westide Comedy Theater, The Wretched Hive, a Star Wars improv team, and has appeared on several shows on the twitch channel Hyper RPG. He learned to appreciate the finer points of delivering a performance; the nuance of sublime character work, introducing emotions into his performance, and the rule of threes. He found himself years later, performing improv regularly and loving every moment of it.


So he set out on a quest to take everything he had learned in his many years of performing onstage and bring it to a pursuit of voice acting! He has been learning, practicing, and working as much as possible since he decided this was his path. That’s where the story leaves of currently, but it’s far from over!

The short version: Josh does improv comedy and voice acting, maybe for you?


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  • Instagram: Prime Speaker Jones
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